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Introducing The Adventures of CISO Ed & Co. (Pandemic Edition)

April 3, 2020 | 3 min read | Trending Topics

We have been on an amazing ride in the last 8 months since launching our comic strip, Adventures of CISO Ed & Co. Week after week, CISO Ed and his infosec colleagues highlight the stories and frustrations of a typical cybersecurity team while bringing some levity to the serious business of cybersecurity.

With the Covid-19 pandemic disrupting all of our lives, we figured that CISO Ed’s humor would be one of the healthiest ways to provide perspective during these troubling times. It would also offer some much-needed distraction from the somewhat constant sense of worry plaguing us.

Thus was born the “Pandemic Edition” of Adventures of CISO Ed & Co. Cybersecurity teams all over are adapting to the new way of working (from home with our spouses, partners, kids around) and there are numerous day-to-day scenarios that provide comic relief.

If you are like us, the first week of WFH with back-to-back Zoom meetings required some creative adjustments. Some of us took it in our strides like Donnie here:

First Zoom Team Meeting

While some others (CISO Ed, I’m talking about you) were not so chill!

Remotemeeting with board

Then as we settled in and accepted that our kids and family members were our co-workers, other issues reared their heads.


But no matter how much we may miss our co-workers and our esprit de corps, there is something we must do for the sake of everyone:


An eBook for you

If you’ve been following Balbix on LinkedIn, you know that we’ve pledged to post one new CISO Ed each day during the quarantine. For those of you who love infosec humor and haven’t been following us, we have put together an eBook with the remote-work shenanigans of CISO Ed and his team. Check it out here.