Do you struggle to quantify your cybersecurity posture for your board of directors and C-suite colleagues?

Balbix analyzes your attack surface inside-out and outside-in to give you a 100x more accurate view of breach risk than any other method.

Cybersecurity posture improvement

With Balbix you can continuously observe and analyze your enterprise’s extended network, inside-out and outside-in, to discover and identify weaknesses in your defenses.

Risk heatmap

Real-time risk heat map enables you to see your risk areas at all times, at different levels of granularity.

Simple and effective cybersecurity posture reporting

Align with business thinking

As you know very well, your board members’ view of cybersecurity is quite different from how security and IT team members think. Board members are primarily concerned with cybersecurity as a set of risk items, each with a certain likelihood of happening with some business impact.

Balbix lets you to define risk areas appropriate for your business using natural language search, and then maps the automatic calculation and tracking of these metrics to your actual on-network cybersecurity posture. You will be able to report business-level risk metrics, without having to explain the technical details of your cybersecurity program.

The plan

Your board expects you to have a well thought out execution plan to transform your organization’s cybersecurity posture to the recommended risk level.

Balbix prescribes prioritized actions that you can take to improve your network’s cyber-resilience and decrease breach risk. Balbix also provides you with simulation tools that allow you to compare different fix plans.

External benchmarking

Your board members and executives want to know the level of acceptable risk that is appropriate for your organization. Comparison with peer entities is a common method which senior leaders use to grade performance.

Balbix helps you benchmark your security posture against similar organizations, and use this information to help the board understand your recommendations for cyber-risk goals for your enterprise.

Internal benchmarking and risk heatmap

In order to improve your security posture, Balbix helps you drill down from a business-level risk score into a risk heatmap which shows you the groups of assets that are driving the risk metric.

With internal benchmarking information, you are able to show to your board and executives how risk is distributed in your organization, which teams are most behind and the types of activities necessary to remediate these risk “bubbles”.

Trends and reporting

Of course, the next quarterly cybersecurity review with the board comes along soon enough, and you need to produce slides which show the risk reduction your team has been able to achieve in the last 90 days. You need trends over 90 days, 6 months, and year-over-year. You have to ask your subordinates for various reports, and then do quite a few hours of painstaking work to interpret these reports and do slide-work.

Balbix allows you to generate board slides quite literally by hitting a button without any heavy-lifting. The backup data is all there– you can click into a pie-chart to drill down and create another slide.

Help your board do their oversight job better and get funding for your security projects

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