Balbix Announces New Integrations with ServiceNow to Further Automate and Improve Cyber Risk Quantification

Are you facing these challenges?

  • You do not have accurate asset inventory
  • You constantly worry about unseen risks and vulnerabilities
  • Cybersecurity issues appear faster than your can fix them
  • Your team is constantly chasing low impact items
  • Your colleagues outside the infosec team don’t understand cyber risk and fail to own critical mitigation tasks

Automate Your Vulnerability Management

Unpatched vulnerabilities by breach likelihood dashboard

The Balbix platform provides you with the building blocks you need to automate your vulnerability management: asset discovery, continuous vulnerability assessment and prioritization, mitigation orchestration, dashboards and reporting

Balbix sensors and connectors network continuously discover and monitor your devices, apps, and users across 100+ attack vectors.

The Balbix Brain uses specialized AI to analyze your attack surface and defenses, predict likely breach scenarios, prioritize vulnerabilities and prescribe necessary risk mitigation actions.

Integrations with ticketing and orchestration systems enable you to automate your cybersecurity posture.

Risk Dashboards and Reports enable you to gamify cyber risk reduction and demonstrate the value of your security program to senior leadership and the board.

Balbix Can Help

Automated Asset Discovery

Automated Asset Discovery

Automated Asset Discovery
Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Risk-Based Vulnerability Management
Cyber Risk Reporting

Cyber Risk Reporting

Cyber-Risk Visibility and Board-level Reporting

“Time is of the essence to win in cybersecurity, so we invest in tools and architectures that give us a speed advantage. Balbix provides us with real-time security posture visibility, vulnerability prioritization and reduces our MTTR for issues.”

Daniel Gisler