Balbix Highlighted in EMA’s 2019 Report on Security Analytics

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Balbix Highlighted in EMA’s 2019 Report on Security Analytics for Threat Detection and Breach Resolution

SAN JOSE, Calif., (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Balbix Inc., provider of the security industry’s first system built for avoiding breaches, today announced its inclusion in Enterprise Management Associates (EMA™) new report titled “Security Analytics for Threat Detection and Breach Resolution in 2019: EMA Top 3 Report and Decision Guide”. EMA’s report highlights Balbix’s value in the following use cases of security analytics: asset inventory/classification, breach avoidance through predictive analytics, real time threat visualization and risk prioritization for active security events.

“With the breadth of attack vectors through which an organization can be breached, it has become impossible for humans alone to identify and analyze all vulnerabilities across all asset types, let alone prioritize the critical actions for remediation,” said Mark Weiner, CMO of Balbix. “Balbix enables organizations to fully evaluate and transform their security posture by discovering their attack surface and analyzing it to predict where and how breaches are likely to happen.”

This EMA Top 3 report is designed to cut through the noise to help organizations select the right tool for their unique needs. It serves as a guide to organizations that have identified problematic security use cases to select analytics tools that best address those use cases. Balbix BreachControl™ provides discovery and inventory of all devices, apps, and users, continuously scans them across 200+ attack vectors to predict breaches. It also prioritizes which actions to take based on business risk, and prescribes specific recommendations to quickly address each prioritized action.

A more detailed analysis of the use cases and research findings can be viewed here:

About the EMA Top 3 Enterprise Decision Guide

EMA Top 3 reports identify the leading priorities organizations face with resolving challenges and meeting enterprise requirements in particular IT management focus areas. The intent of this report is to inform and inspire influencers and decision makers in their project planning and vendor selection process.

About Balbix

The Balbix breach avoidance platform, BreachControl™, is the industry’s first system to leverage specialized artificial intelligence (AI) to provide comprehensive and continuous predictive assessment of breach risk. Visualized via a searchable and clickable risk heat-map, it is designed for CISOs, CIOs and IT security teams. BreachControl can forecast critical breach scenarios and prioritize/recommend fixes by business risk, improving security operations, compliance and cyber-resilience. Learn more at