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April 10, 2023

Why I Joined Balbix - David Anteliz

During the late 1970s when computers were still a novelty and not as prevalent as they are today, my cousin and I, both aged seven, visited the data center of a company where our uncle held a VP position. As two young boys, fascinated by anything new, we were thrilled at the sight of numerous computers in the room. This was an entirely new experience for us. The clicking sounds of the machines, blinking lights, and the distinct smell of ozone created a core memory for me that I will never forget. This visit was a turning point that sparked my curiosity and passion for technology, which persists to this day.

As an experienced Director of Sales Engineering, I recently made the decision to join the team at Balbix as a Principal Solutions Engineer. One might view this as an unusual step in one’s career path, but I look at this as a step towards a new challenge and a chance to be associated firsthand with an evolutionary technology such as Balbix.

Why Balbix?

Throughout my career, I have focused on creating effective solutions that tackle business challenges and are easy to implement. Discovering Balbix, I found a comprehensive security tool that consolidates multiple functions into one solution. Although introducing new tools can be challenging and time-consuming for security teams, Balbix is user-friendly and can be implemented easily. As cybersecurity continues to be a pressing concern for organizations across industries, the need for innovative approaches to managing cyber risk has become more critical than ever. Keeping this in mind, I aimed to join this company that prioritizes innovative perspectives and pioneering methods for cyber risk management.

Innovation at Balbix

In my opinion, Balbix stands for innovation, consolidation, and ease of use. Balbix’s platform has been thoughtfully engineered to automate many tedious and time-consuming tasks that security teams face, enabling them to focus on higher-level strategic activities. In my view, this effectively buys back time and builds efficiencies; however, if you look at it, it’s a win for an organization struggling with tackling risk. After all, as the adage goes, time is money!

Cybersecurity Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM)

Traditional cybersecurity measures have typically centered on fortifying network perimeters, but with the emergence of numerous connected devices and cloud-based services, such an approach has become progressively less effective. Balbix takes a comprehensive view of an organization’s assets, identifying all devices, software, and services that cybercriminals could target. Organizations can better protect themselves and prioritize against potential threats by gaining a deeper understanding of their attack surface.

Risk-Based Vulnerability Management (RBVM)

Present-day vulnerability programs are dependent on the results of completed periodic scans. This means that without recent scans, there is no current visibility. Balbix Risk-based Vulnerability Management helps you discover, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities with greater context and speed; reducing your breach likelihood, time to patch, and time to respond. Additionally, it provides cybersecurity and IT operations teams with the details and analytics needed to triage critical vulnerabilities for their specific environment.

Automation and scale are also critical considerations in today’s cybersecurity landscape. The platform’s exceptional ability to scale and adjust to the ever-changing threat landscape is crucial in enabling organizations to stay ahead of evolving cyber risks.

Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ)

Balbix’s platform offers a comprehensive and proactive approach that is centered around  Cyber Risk Quantification. This powerful tool enables organizations to gain a more accurate understanding of their risk posture, prioritize mitigation efforts, and make more informed decisions about their cybersecurity investments in a business-centric manner. This level of boardroom-level information is not only novel but was a moving target up until this point, often requiring tedious and manual processes. Quantifying cyber risk in dollars, in a way that is fact-based, traceable dollars of risk to actual security issues, and actionable is truly revolutionary in the field of cyber risk management.

Working with the A-team

Company culture is essential. It establishes the tone, defines how individuals contribute, and sets the standard for growth and development. During the interview process, I was impressed by the teamwork and creativity that went into solving problems and developing new solutions. The culture of velocity places a high premium on the investment of personal time into building significant innovations. This is especially exciting.  I wanted to be part of shaping that direction. I knew this was a company where I could thrive and make a meaningful impact.

In Conclusion…

I am extremely excited to join the Balbix team and contribute to the advancement of cybersecurity technology. Balbix’s dedication to innovative methods, including CAASM, the automation and scalability of RBVM, and CRQ, positions them as a frontrunner in the industry and an exceptional workplace for those seeking to make a difference and be part of groundbreaking technology. I am eager to play a significant role in accomplishing Balbix’s goals and driving the industry towards progress, fulfilling the curiosity and passion that started so long ago in that data center at age seven.