Stronger, Faster, Better – With a Little Help from AI

May 22, 2018 | 5 min read | Security Posture

I’m a big believer in continual improvement as a way of life. And by that, I mean a mindset around making challenges visible, assessing fundamental root causes, taking course corrections based on that insight, and rapidly iterating. Of course, often easier said than done (remember that New Year’s resolution to eat more kale and sign up for CrossFit?). The key is to start with clear situational and self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses, whether at a business or personal level. Without that level of perception, it is tough to make the best decisions and keep a rhythm of strong forward progress.

Over recent years, I have seen many customers face these types of challenges as applied to their security posture, often with less-than-perfect visibility into their highly dynamic IT environments, particularly as the scope has expanded rapidly across mobile, cloud, and (more recently) IoT assets. Just as an example, in the early days of CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) solutions, often customers were shocked to discover that they had 2x, 5x, or even 10x the number of cloud apps being used across their organizations as originally assumed. It’s difficult to protect what you don’t even know you have, particularly when it opens up brand new vectors for sensitive data exfiltration.


Likewise, security teams I interact with are typically resource-limited and increasingly burdened by the volume of security-relevant data, sophistication of multi-stage attacks, and ever-evolving complexity of their environments. There is an increased call for analytics and automation and a recognition that the security problem requires machine-scale approaches. However, the question remains: are companies investing time, dollars, and resources in the best places and in the best ways to make clear progress around actually stopping breaches?

Enter Balbix.

With continuous and real time visibility across the environment, responsive dashboards that guide organizations to hot spots of predicted business risk, and prioritized, actionable prescriptions for the most critical issues – all powered by pervasive AI – Balbix provides security ‘self-awareness’ for customers at machine scale and speed. Essentially the platform to help enterprises implement their own continual improvement regime around security posture, to avoid breaches before they happen. The scope of this approach, laser focused on business outcomes, is a key reason why I am so excited to join Balbix and help accelerate delivery of these capabilities for the benefit of enterprises globally.

At the same time, our customers will continue to rely on a larger security ecosystem of product vendors, services and solution providers. These providers address a range of important use cases for hardening the attack surface, discovering known and unknown threats, and investigating/remediating security incidents, in addition to advising on security process, strategy and architecture. Balbix powerfully augments these 3rd-party capabilities with broad, real-time asset inventory, AI-based prioritization and deep context. 

If you are a security provider looking to add more targeted and actionable customer value – whether delivering differentiated managed services around continual risk assessment and proactive improvements to security posture, or risk-based prioritization of detected compromises at scale – come partner with us. I look forward to joining forces with the broader ecosystem and delivering on the promise of continual improvement to customer security outcomes with Balbix. Let’s do this.