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March 18, 2022

Step Into Reality, “Neo” CISO: Lessons from the Matrix

Next week is Oscar week and I can’t help but think of one of the most popular films to capture the essence of cybersecurity, The Matrix. The film has long been appreciated by security professionals for highlighting our current reality: digital transformation is opening our world to innovation but also giving rise to new security threats. This idea is further echoed in The Matrix Resurrections, the final film in the trilogy, where it is revealed that the Matrix, a simulated reality created by intelligent machines to subdue the human population, is more dangerous and stronger than before. Much like the Matrix, cyber threats are also becoming more sophisticated and intense.

Illusion vs. reality 

A recurring theme in The Matrix trilogy is the idea of illusion versus reality. The main character, Mr. Anderson, aka Neo, continuously struggles to decide whether he wants to experience true reality or enter The Matrix, where illusion will rule his life.

Present-day CISOs are no different from Neo, since they must also either face the reality of protecting their organization from increasing cyber threats or operate under the illusion that their organization is prepared to fend off a cyberattack.

Most CISOs don’t have an accurate view of their cybersecurity posture because either they have gaps in their asset inventory, don’t know their likelihood of being breached or can not measure the potential impact to their business from a breach. Without proper information, the right decisions can’t be made and the correct actions don’t get prioritized, leaving organizations open to security compromise. To solve this, CISOs need tools that enable them to continuously analyze their attack surface, and improve their ability to prioritize and measure risk.

If you’re worried about operating under some illusion of security, Balbix can expose the reality of your cybersecurity posture and help you manage your risks.

Asset discovery leads to visibility

Asset inventory needs to be at the foundation of every organization’s cybersecurity program. Yet, enterprise assets change constantly. Balbix Asset Inventory uses AI to automatically and continuously discover, analyze and inventory all assets. This enables organizations to maintain an accurate and up-to-date asset inventory that is real-time and highly accessible.

Balbix can help CISOs see their real cybersecurity posture by discovering and analyzing their assets, just as we did for a global telco company that identified 158% more assets, resulting in massive cost savings.

Vulnerability management helps prioritize risks that matter

Even with an effective asset inventory management system, organizations struggle to understand which assets are most exposed and matter most. Balbix Risk-based Vulnerability Management (Balbix RBVM) provides comprehensive visibility across all asset types and attack vectors, and helps security teams focus on vulnerabilities that present the greatest risk to their business at any given time. Such information can empower organizations to prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities that pose the biggest impact and reduce the likelihood of a breach.

Quantifying your risk improves decision making

The ability to quantify risk accurately is key to making the right decisions about your organization’s security posture. Balbix Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) autonomously and continuously ingests data from a wide variety of sources to calculate business impact and likelihood of a breach in monetary terms. This provides key stakeholders across the organization a financial approach to managing cybersecurity issues more confidently and quickly.



It’s not too late to face reality

It’s not too late to change the script if you’re still operating under an illusion. Just as Neo made the decision to face the reality that the Matrix was false, Balbix can help you confidently face the reality of your cybersecurity posture and manage the most critical risks to your business.