Balbix BreachControl™ provides your enterprise comprehensive, continuous and automated risk calculation and analysis. Sensors deployed across your entire enterprise network automatically and continuously discover and monitor all devices, apps and users for hundreds of attack vectors. Our robust Balbix “Brain” runs in the cloud and leverages advanced artificial intelligence and self-learning to calculate risk for every network entity. The Balbix Risk Dashboard provides your security team actionable insights on breach scenarios and optimizing security.


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Balbix Sensors

Continuously monitor 100+ attack dimensions for Indicators of Risk (IoRs)


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The Balbix Brain

Calculates breach likelihood and business impact for every device, app and user


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Balbix Risk Dashboard

Provides a searchable and clickable risk heatmap for the complete enterprise



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Continuous Risk Measurement

Smart Sensors

Balbix smart sensors conduct automated and ongoing discovery and monitoring of all devices and apps connected to your network across hundreds of attack vectors. Sensors can be deployed as physical or virtual appliances and installed within minutes. There are three types of smart sensors: Network sensors discover devices, apps and networks. Traffic Sensors monitor network traffic in real time to identify risks across hundreds of attack vectors. Host sensors gather detailed device and app information such as configuration, policies and software versions. 

Comprehensive Risk Assessment

Breach Method Matrix

Balbix measures risk for every device and app across hundreds of attack vectors such as phishing, credentials, privileges, misconfiguration and vulnerabilities. The risk is summarized into a 3X3 matrix referred to as the Breach Method Matrix (BMM). The categories of risk represented in BMM are:

  • Weak Credentials
  • Phishing
  • Trust Relationships
  • Compromised  Credentials
  • Unpatched Vulnerabilities
  • Misconfigurations
  • Malicious Insider
  • Man in the Middle
  • Zero-day and Unknown methods





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Automated Risk Calculation

Balbix Brain

The Balbix Brain leverages the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to calculate your breach risk across all devices, users and apps network, and your entire enterprise. Risk calculation happens in three steps: Likelihood of breach evaluates the risk of compromise across hundreds of attack vectors for each asset in your enterprise. Impact of breach assesses the impact of compromise for each asset. Impact is calculated based on the damage an attacker can inflict through lateral movement and exfiltration from a compromised asset.   Continuous breach simulation performs millions of breach simulations across the entire enterprise network. Every possible breach path is modeled across all attack vectors to calculate breach risk. 

Real-Time Risk Visibility

Balbix’s Predictive Breach Risk

Balbix BreachControl™ provides an interactive, real time heat map of your enterprise’s breach risk, enabling your security team to predict breach scenarios, prioritize initiatives and mitigate risk by implementing actionable insights.